A Surprise Picture of the Two of Us

We had a small get together for our church today at a local restaurant and ride Ural there. One of our priests got a picture of us unloading after we pulled in. We don’t get shots of the two of us very often, so I thought I’d share.

New Spot for Lunch

We tried out a new spot for lunch today on the recommendation of our priest. (Hey, it had to be good. Right?) It was a beautiful day, despite the bad news from number two son, so we decided to take Gretel the Ural out for a spin with Just Joel’s in Kennewick as our destination. …

Tough week

We found out a little while ago that number two son is having surgery to remove his gallbladder. I’ve been through that myself and it’s not fun. We also have a good friend whose daughter is having surgery this week. Needless to say, my prayer life has taken an uptick.

The Resurrection

We had an interesting discussion last night at Bible Study about the Resurrection and the state of modern Christendom. Most of us are grandparents (which itself says a lot) and many of our kids and grandkids aren’t Christians. Many of the folks blame external factors like “the culture”, or “the schools”, but I think the …